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Who are we?

We are an alternating group of digital creatives, who love solving small and big problems with design- and digital tools.

We started out in 2014 - with a mission to build a marketing application for the brick and mortar stores of Helsinki. We were 3 young information networks students with a passion to learn, what is it like to build software and run a business.

From those times we have evolved a lot. We have built websites for our customers, worked in different companies, built prototypes and validated business cases. You can check out what we are currently working on here. At this moment, we participate in what we call a "digital guerilla movement". We want to validate promising ideas with our skills.

Here is a list of our active members, and some of the people we just love to death. They are the guys we will go looking for help when we run into a challenge we can't handle. If you want to join us, give us a message, and let's go for a coffee :)


Image of Tuomo
Tuomo (Co-founder)

Full-stack prototypist

Tuomo loves making ideas happen. He uses tools like LSC to make sure that the ideas are worth solving. The first prototype is built using Paper, React, React Native, HTML&CSS, Javascript, Node.js, Firebase, Adobe Software or whatever he needs to get the job done. Then he sells you the idea.

Image of Niko

Finance advisor

Can this idea get funded? How will it be valued? How does this look like to the big shots? How do you make an idea interesting for investors? What are the biggest fears of investors? Hey, is there something that we need to take into account accounting or cash-flow wise? Ahh, man.. Let's call Niko.

Image of Toomas
Toomas (Co-founder)

Full-stack Dev-Designer

Currently Toomas works at Futurice but we steal some advice from him every chance we get. He understands business, design and code. Check his portfolio to get to know him better.


Image of Ossi
Ossi (Co-founder)

Even though Ossi works at Reaktor now, he is a big part of our "scene". A full-stack developer and an artist by heart.

Image of Risto

He is one of the reasons we started doing this. Our dear professor and the guy that uses his money to buy us beer from time to time, if we have been up to anything interesting.

Suhina solutions logo
Suhina Solutions

Aleksi and Matti are the guys that actually run a real business. You know those guys who go to hackathons (win them), learn the cool and hard techs (VR, Machine Learning)... They are those guys.

Image of Sakarias

What is cool now? How is the weather in Berlin? What about the ethical issues regarding the product or our business? What is happening in world politics? These are all things Sakarias knows.

So, what do you actually do? >

What we have been up to?

At this moment, we participate in what we call a "digital guerilla movement". We want to validate promising ideas.

"A digital guerilla movement"... what the h*ll is that? Well it is a fancy way of saying that we are independent individuals, who want to build things that we find interesting - even if they aren't always part of the mainstream idea of 'What is cool now?'. The criteria that we follow when choosing projects are:

  1. Is it doable with our resources?
  2. Can we afford it?
  3. Does it make us better in the long run?

And this is why our "Ongoing guerilla operations portfolio" looks like this now. We will later write short blog posts showcasing, what makes each of these projects interesting - in the mean while... just pick up the phone and ask us if you want to know more.


Logo of Mobile Electric
Mobile Electric

Mobile Electric aims to solve the mobile charging problems of consumers in shopping centers, hotels, bars, events and cities in general. We have done all the code, designs and imported&modified the used power banks. Pretty damn good concept validation work.

Rentle Logo

Rentle started out as a concept of online-renting solution for consumers and businesses. Now we are taking it to more to the direction of a lightweight renting specific POS payment system.

Sykki logo
Sykki Ry's Website

Check it out at: https://www.sykki.fi Our first project to use Wordpress as a publishing system.

KTPalvelu logo
KTPalvelu's Website

Kymen Trukkipalvelu needed a new look for their website. We designed and coded a site that is different from their competitors e.g. by coming up with a new brand color.

< Who are you guys? Okey... and why do you do this? >

Why&how do we do things?

We want to get better at what we do by doing. There are great ideas out there, but it takes skills and effort to get them started. That is why we are here.

Triangle with texts Technology, Business and User on the tips

So this is something we stole from our friend Risto Sarvas. But in short - everything we do has usually to do with the these three dimensions: Technology, Business and a User. All of them are equally important and enables the other two to exist.

This magic ▼ that we embrace in our logo, is a reminder for us that:

"A technology that no one knows how to use - is not a technology."
"Technologies need some kind of business in order to live - and usually vice versa."
"Without users there is no business."

But let's cut the bullcr*p. We know that starting new things is hard as hell. You probably don't have 90% of the resources you need to get something done so that some Angel or VC with a pile of cash will believe in your idea. Finding talented people is also hard - and it is even harder to try to convince them to quit their day job for you idea. It is also hard to give up on your dream. We get it. We've been there. And failed couple of times.

If you have and idea, but don't have the resources to prove the concept - you should contact us. We won't build you the state of the art algorithm, nor will our designs probably win any awards. But you know what we can do? We can get you the first prototype app, website, service, device and pitch, which will get you to the NEXT STEP. If we believe in your idea, we will bleed for you - until you find the resources to continue without us. Or if your idea sucks - we will tell you why it does to help you hone it.

In practice we want to build services, products and solutions that fit neatly inside the triangle above. We would also rather build a small complete product or prototype - than just a small feature. If you have to put us in somekind of a locker, we are a "Prototyping Crew". The guys (and hopefully in the future also girls) to get you from step "Idea" to the step "Validated Concept".

Here are some of the technologies and tools we are learning/using and would use to help you achieve the "problem-solution fit". If you don't understand anything about them - no worries we can still be friends.

  • A lot of post-its.
  • Lean Service Creation
  • Wireframing
  • Adobe PS/AI/XD
  • React.js
  • React Native
  • Node.js
  • Wordpress as CMS
  • Basic HTML&CSS3 + Javascript Combo
  • Firebase
  • ... and the one we need for you project
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